Val McDermid in Perth this Sept!

Jul 15

Well, I’m thrilled that the first bit of news I get to post about on my brand new website is something this exciting! The great Val McDermid is coming to Perth, and I get to interview her at a sundowner event on 5th September. I’ve known about this for a while and it has been paaaiinnnful in the extreme keeping it to myself very relieved to be able to blab about it now! I’ve been a fan of Val’s for years, and one of the best things about interviewing her is that it has given me an excuse to go back and read her backlist. The interview will be mostly about her new book (How The Dead Speak, the new Carol Jordan and Tony Hill thriller), but reading her backlist has been very inspiring. She’s such a fine, fine writer and I’ve learned so much from reading her again. If you’ll be in Perth on September 5th I hope you’ll come along – click HERE to book your ticket now because I’m pretty sure these are going to fly once the word gets out. If you have any question you really want asked, and you’re too shy for the Q&A, hop over to my Facebook page and leave the question in a comment, no promises but I’ll see what I can do)